7 Pets I Love but Couldn't Own ...

I love animals. I mean, I have two dogs, two cats (I swear they're the Better Half's, though, I don't really claim those two; they are evil), and a rabbit. I would love to own a menagerie, but my apartment simply won't allow it. Plus, there are just some pets I could not own, even though I would love to have them. Here are my top seven!

1. Chameleon

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Photo Credit: guenterleitenbauer

I always wanted a chameleon when I was a kid, and I would still love to have one. However, I don't think I could take proper care of it. I don't know anything at all about lizards. Yeah, I could learn – after all, I studied for weeks before committing to a rabbit … but the rabbit gives me kisses and things, and I think I'd freak if a chameleon tried to kiss me.

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