7 Mistakes Dieters Make ...


Every few months or so, I decide it's time to go on a diet. I mean, don't we all? Now wether or not we get around to that diet is another story completely! Many of you out there probably have the same problems as I d when it comes to diets. No matter how far down you slash your calories, or how many grams of fat you cut out of your diet, you can't seem to melt of those pounds! There are several common mistakes that dieters make and I'm about to share them with you. Once you know how to outsmart even the most common calorie traps, you'll be dropping weight in no time at all! Plus you'll have all the added health benefits. So here you go, 7 mistakes that dieters make!

1. Do the Math

Just because something says "light" or "fat-free" does not mean it's calorie free. Take a minute to stop and add up the calories per serving size. You may be able to eat a whole mini-pizza on your own, but that doesn't mean it's one serving size. Don't forget, drinks have calories too! Calorie counts are based on a single serving, typically 8 oz for a beverage. Read all labels carefully and calculate costs before you stuff your face. You may be surprised by what you realize you've been scarfing down!

Don't Clean Your Plate
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