7 Inspirations from Me for Those Being Bullied ...


I have never been a bully in my life. I don’t like talking bad about someone and I certainly am not going to be the one to push someone over the edge. Do you know how many people kill themselves each year because of bullies? Do you realize how many people sink into depression because of bullies? You bullies should be ashamed of yourself! For those of you that are being bullied, I want to tell you that you are not alone. Let me give you 7 inspirations from me for those being bullied.

7. Don’t Let Them See That It Bothers You

When that bully sees that they are bothering you, they will have so much power. They will learn your weaknesses and pick at it until you pop. That is how a bully works – so, you should never let them see that something bothers you, no matter how much it does. Just smile at them and laugh.

Talk to Someone about the Problem
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