7 Causes of Motor Accidents ...

However much automobile technology advances, driving is still a human activity and therefore is subject to human capability. Unfortunately, every year, there are thousands of fatalities due to traffic accidents and even more, possibly countless numbers of injuries, not to mention accidents where the only damage is done to the car. Here are some of the major causes of motor accidents.

1. Alcohol

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Drunk driving is the primary worldwide cause of motor accidents. Alcohol can blur vision and inhibit clear thinking and even in small amounts response times may be impaired without you realising it. There are limits and guidelines but reactions to alcohol are completely individual so what’s the best way to ensure you are safe ? NEVER drink and drive

2. Carelessness and Disrespect

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Road signs and traffic laws are not there to inconvenience the driver but to ensure that roads are safe for all users including pedestrians. They control traffic flow and also provide guidance on road and driving conditions including permanent features such as bends, inclines and junctions. Ignoring road signs, speed limits and red lights is one of the top causes of accidents.

3. Lack of Focus

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Many accidents are caused simply by drivers not concentrating on the road. So much of the driving experience is watching what other drivers are doing and maybe other non-driving factors such as a sudden weather change, unexpected obstructions or someone running in front of you. You can’t assume that everyone is fully aware of what they are doing, as quite clearly, often they are not. Stop daydreaming and if you’re having a conversation with a passenger, this is one time when eye contact is not appropriate.

4. Substance Abuse

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Drugs may cause hallucinations without your knowledge that your perspective may have altered or even turned completely inside out. Even basic sensations can be dramatically influenced such as you thinking a tree is on your left but it is in reality on your right. The worst thing is you have no way of knowing anything is wrong. One thing that is clear though, driving under the influence of drugs is an absolute no-no.

5. Cellphone

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You knew this coming didn’t you? Talking on the cell whilst driving is pretty daft but texting is even worse. Not only is your mind not on the road but you haven’t got full control of the vehicle either. Even if you drive an automatic, blue tooth is still not acceptable. Another motoring action restricted by law for a valid number of reasons.

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A surprising number of motor accidents are caused by people taking their eyes off the road to change the radio station or CD or by reaching into the glove box or under the seat for a change of music. Prepare your music before you go or wait for an intersection before fiddling with the CD player.

7. Rubbernecking

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The amount of accidents caused by other accidents is pretty silly. It’s a time when macabre curiosity takes over common sense and the distraction looking at an accident as we drive past it means we lose sight of the fact the our fellow drivers in front have slowed down with the exact same purpose and the inevitable collisions happen.

There are other causes too – external distractions, eating, poorly made roads and of course poor road use by other drivers but you can do your bit by being a good safe driver and not being one of the causes of motor accidents. Anyone got a traffic story to share?

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