7 Best IPhone Cases for a Mod Girl ...

I resisted the allure of an iPhone for months, but finally my resolve broke when Verizon, my cell carrier, started offering the iPhone 4… and of course, once you have an iPhone, after you download the apps, you have to outfit it with a case that protects the phone, and of course gives it a style all your own. I found the exact right one for me at ModCloth, where, it turns out, there’s an iPhone case for every mod girl… and here, my dear, are 7 of the best ones!

1. Hello, IPhone Case

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Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
This super-adorable case by Loungefly, designed for the iPhone 4, features my all-time favorite mod girl β€” er, kitty β€” herself, Hello Kitty! It’s her sweet little face, the classic, with a red bow and bright yellow nose. It’s so darling, just like little Kitty.

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