5 Simple Tricks to save More Money


5 Simple Tricks to save More Money
5 Simple Tricks to save More Money

A lot of the time it never dun on us of our financial situation until the tax season. It's never too late to save money for your future or improve your current financial situation. We've came up with 5 simple tricks that you can do to help you save more money. Are you ready?

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Swich Your Savings from Your Savings Account to Money Market

There were commercials showing you for every purchase you make, you put the change to your savings account, does that really do you any good? No. Let's do a simple math. Say you are averaging $5,000 savings in your account. Your savings account probably pay .05% annual interests. You make $25 a year. If you keep it in money market (normally offer 4% or more) , you will get $200. You can still withdraw your money anytime you want without any penalty which acting just like your savings account. Also, if it is out of sign, it might help you spend less...


Bring Your Lunch to Work

How much do you spend on lunches? Five bucks or more? Read this article called: Save $998 a year by packing your lunch today. Is that impressive? You can save almost a ground a year by bring your lunch!


Try Things out before You Buy It

How many times you've bought something then never used it again?! I can't tell you how many times I've been done it esp. for cosmetic product. Products that looks great in store might not be what it will be in your home; skincare that works out perfectly for your girl friend might not be the one for you; cloths you wanted so bad might be the one that clutter your closet. So try things out before you buy it.

Many department stores let you try things out or offer your free samples. When it comes to skincare product, I always try it out before I purchase it. I now refuse to buy whatever look good. Trust me, that saved me tons of money.


Cancel Everything TODAY!

There are lots of companies offer you stuffs that sounded so good, you can't help but jump in at once. Most of us have signed up something that once attracted to us and forget about it. It might be the last time you check your credit score for free; a free trail you get yourself in; or an offer that you couldn't insist. Once the free trail is expired, they started to pulling money from your credit card quietly and effectively if you forget to cancel the service. Some charges $20, some charges even more! If you happen to forget two of them, That's $480 a year!


In addition: Read this article wrote by David Batch: Five Ways to Save $2,500 in 20 Minutes

Lose the premium cable television package and save $960
Get real about your cell phone and save $240
Go wireless and save $600
Exercise smart and save $240
Shop for car insurance and save $500

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