5 Fun Things to Read about the Hills...


5 Fun Things to Read about the Hills...
5 Fun Things to Read about the Hills...

I have to admit, Kristin does have that effortlessly chic thing going on. If I were as thin as her, I'd rock the clothes she does, too.

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Tsk tsk poor kid. At least the stepdad tried to be nice about it, right? Speaking of Heidi, is it just me or do we have a lack of Spencer douche-y news lately?


Her weight does yo-yo so noticeably, right? Sometimes she looks druggie-thin while other items she looks as fresh as a day after a summer rain.


On the ratings game, Jersey Shore looks to be the winner. What does this say about the quality of TV these days?


I feel so silly finding out about this just now. These are kids doing a parody of The Hills. How cute are they? And the Barbie. Ha!

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I have never watched it, which really surprises me since I can get sucked in good!

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