10 Ways to Decorate Your Garden Parties ...

Garden parties are fantastic. Not only do you get to show off how great your garden is, but you can enjoy the outdoors while socializing with friends, and barbeques and wine put everybody in a great mood. Want to give your garden a bit of extra kick for your party? I’ve been researching ways to spice up my garden without a complete re-decoration, and here are my favourites...

1. Refresh Your Furniture

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Photo Credit: Boxwoodcottage

I love my garden furniture, and I wouldn’t want to replace it. It can start looking a little too familiar after a few parties, though, so I love this idea of refreshing it without changing it for good! Find a fabric that you love, and buy a large cut of it. Then, using fabric scissors, cut a piece that is big enough to cover the backs of your chairs. If there is already fabric on the chairs, remove this, and use it as a guide. Sew it to fit the chairs, and it should just slide on. Hey presto, great new furniture, and you can even make a range of covers for different occasions! Just make sure that the fabric is waterproof, or the pattern could be spoiled if it rains.

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