10 Things You Should Never Lie to Your Doctor about ...

I don’t know anyone that likes going to the doctor, but at the first sign of a scratchy throat I’m in her office. I tell her about my runny nose, coughing, and constant sneezing. She makes treatment a plan based on the information I give her and then I’m on my way. But what about those times when there is something I don’t exactly want to share with her? You know, the things I’m embarrassed to talk about, the stuff I’m tempted to omit. Here are 10 things you should never lie to your doctor about.

1. Diet and Exercise

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I have a love/hate relationship with diet and exercise. I love that it will make me healthy and look fabulous, but I hate the part where I have to do it. Your doctor won’t be surprised if you tell her that it isn’t your favorite thing to do either. Being honest though means that she can rule out potentially harmful causes of your weight gain and help you come up with a way to change your habits. Plus the scale will tell on you!

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