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10 Most Beautiful Flowers You Can Grow ...

By Aprille

I love nothing more than working in the garden and watching the changes in it each day. I have tons of flowers that bloom each month and never get tired of seeing them if full color. Even though I have a large variety of flowers, both annuals and perennials, there are some I look forward to more than others. The following are the 10 most beautiful flowers you can grow, in my opinion!

10 Orange Day Lily

Orange Day LilyPhoto Credit: Corey Leopold

Lilies are often a very hardy plant and can grow in just about any soil. I like the way the leaves of Day Lilies look like tall grass and wave gently with the breeze. These are great in flower arrangements too. The orange color makes me happy just seeing it out in my yard. I have seen these lilies in yellow as well, but I prefer the orange for my garden.

9 Peony

PeonyPhoto Credit: Rana Pipiens

These are not only beautiful, but they smell amazing too. They come in white, red, and many hues of pink. I like the fullness to each blossom. They start of as a tiny ball, the size of a ping-pong ball, but then open up to a size that is larger than my hand. Even when they aren’t in bloom, the foliage is beautiful.

8 Climbing Rose

Climbing RosePhoto Credit: KarenMarleneLarsen

Roses don’t always have a strong smell to them. Some varieties don’t smell at all, which I find a strange trait to have in a rose. The climbing variety I have has some of the most delicate blooms on it. I like watching it climb higher each year and produce even more blossoms than the year before. These can be hard to grow, if the soil isn’t right. They thrive best in soil that is rich and light. I have lots of clay in my soil, so I had to dig up an area and pour in combination of grass clippings, manure, and potting soil for my climbing rose to be happy.

7 Wisteria

WisteriaPhoto Credit: ajpscs

I’ve always been fascinated at how much these flowers look like grapes as they dangle from the thick woody vine. The leaves are also so delicate and uniform. The scent of each flower is extremely strong and gets carried on the breeze for quite some distance. I enjoy creating shapes for the vines to climb on, but some people like to make them into free standing trees. It takes many years to get these to take the shape you want, when in tree form, but they are well worth the wait.

6 Passion Flower

Passion FlowerPhoto Credit: doug88888

Not many people know what these flowers look like. They are truly exotic in appearance and are also on a vine that will climb over anything in its path. There are tons of varieties of Passion Flower. The type I like the best has purple petals that appear to be crinkled and there is a darker purple center to the bloom. Everyone that sees these beauties has to take a second look at them, due to their unique appearance.

5 Daffodil

DaffodilPhoto Credit: brynmeillion - JAN

This cheerful little flower has ended up in every flower bed I have. They are so plentiful that I’m always making bouquets for around the house. I love the way their scent fills the house! Daffodils also seem to go well in a bouquet with any other type of flower. Most of the Daffodils in my yard are of the yellow variety, but I do have a white variety with an orange center that is just as gorgeous as the yellow ones.

4 Zinnia

ZinniaPhoto Credit: canonshooter2005

I find it fascinating to be able to plant the tiny seeds of the Zinnia and watch them grow into tall, colorful blooms. The assortment of colors that come from a packet of Zinnia seeds is intense. In the springtime, I sprinkle these seeds all along the edge of the walkway. They are a great boarder plant and make me happy as I walk to and from the house.

3 Fairy Lily

Fairy LilyPhoto Credit: William_Tanneberger

A Fairy Lily holds all the beauty that larger lilies possess, but in a much smaller package. When the leaves first pop up, they remind me of chives. I anticipate the opening of each single bloom. I’ve seen pink, white, and a light purple variety. I think they are all excellent! I like to plant them among the rocks, since there is plenty of dirt for these little guys and they liven up the area.

2 Stargazer Lily

Stargazer LilyPhoto Credit: ria3

This has to be my favorite lily of all times, hands down. I’ve always been awed at the beautiful design its petals. These have almost an exotic look to them. I’m not much for the color pink, but I truly love the variegated hues of pink on the Stargazer Lily. The white trim around the edge of each petal makes it all that more striking in appearance.

1 Iris

IrisPhoto Credit: poly_mnia

My grandmother has always had tons of Iris in her yard. In the spring, her yard is filled with peach, yellow, white, blue, burgundy, and hues of purple. These are a tough plant that is also very delicate. This is an interesting combination for a flower to have. A rainstorm might damage the petals, but the roots can spread in the smallest amount of soil.

These are definitely the top 10 on my list of beautiful flowers for any garden. There are many more that I’ve seen and tried, but I always fall back on these same ones. Do you have different flowers that you consider to be beautiful? What is your garden filled with?

Top Photo Credit: arny johanns

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