10 Cookbooks I Absolutely Love ...

I love cooking. From starters to deserts, I really enjoy trying new recipes, and even inventing my own! So when new cook books come out, I’m always one of the first to get a copy and test some of the recipes. Here are the top ten cookbooks I think everyone should own...

1. Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life

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I love this book. It was the motto that got me...”good food, cooked with love, feeds the soul as well as the body.” Who could resist a book stating that?! It does what it promises, and Nadia Sawalha shares the dishes that she grew up with, and feeds to her own family. From elaborate roast chickens to falafels, there is amazing recipes, and heartwarming stories surrounding each one. You don’t need amazing cooking skills, and the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. The Magic Prawns have been a huge hit at my parties, too!

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