8 Things to Consider when Buying Heels ...

The perfect pair of heels can absolutely make an outfit;

theyโ€™re sexy, slimming and they invariably posses a certain โ€˜je ne sais quoiโ€™ that just canโ€™t be translated into words.

While most of the time, shopping for the right shoes is more than a pleasure, it is important not to get carried away and make purchases that weโ€™ll regret later on โ€“ especially if the price tag is a little on the heavy side.

Itโ€™s essential, when it comes to shoes, that do employ a little rational thought and some self-control, or the chances are good weโ€™d end up with a whole wardrobe full of stilettos that pinch and wedges that are just not conducive to walking โ€“ prettiness cannot be the only factor taken into account.

To help you to make sure your footwear remains both gorgeous and a just a little bit practical, Iโ€™ve put together this handy list of 8 things to consider when buying heels.

1. Size

This may seem a little obvious โ€“ surely we all know what size our feet are?

Apparently not.

In fact the chances are quite good you at least own a pair of shoes in the wrong size.

Make sure that you measure your feet at the shoe shop;

this will give allow you, once and for all to accurately determine your shoe size, and allow you to buy better fitting shoes accordingly.

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