7 Interesting Quotes …


Catchy movie lines, wise things somebody said once – our life is full of interesting quotes, some deep, some funny, some thought-provoking and some just a great way to fill the awkward silence.

They are passed along from mouth to mouth, printed in your favorite magazines, pixelated on the web pages.

Some of those quotes will twist your lips into that curvy line, others will ignite your little gray cells and rare, special ones could even become your mantra, a personal motto.

So, take a look at these 7 interesting quotes and tell me what you think.

1. “You May Deceive All the People Part of the Time, and Part of the People All the Time, but Not All the People All the Time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Abe said a lot of smart things but this… this is my personal favorite.2

So, next time you get pissed off by a really good liar, just smile and think about this one.

Some people couldn’t tell the truth if it bit them on their ass, others allow themselves to be fooled for a little while and, yet, there is no liar good enough to successfully handle them all.

So, if that liar of yours is giving you trouble, just let him/her enjoy those five minutes of fame because the truth has a nasty little habit of coming out in the open and that moment might be closer than you think.

2. "if Toast Always Lands Butter-side down, and Cats Always Land on Their Feet, What Happens if You Strap Toast on the Back of a Cat and Drop It?" – Stephen Wright


Interesting question indeed!

I guess it depends on the side you choose to put butter on… But let’s not push it because I’m afraid Mythbusters might consider it worthy of investigating and I doubt the cat would find that very interesting.

"Men Marry Women with the Hope They Will Never Change. Women Marry Men with the Hope They Will Change. Invariably They Are Both Disappointed." – Albert Einstein
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