8 Careers Where You Can Use Your Voice ...


Choosing a career requires figuring out what you are good at and then using your talents to the fullest.

If you believe you have a strong voice either for elocution or for singing, then you need to find a career that allows you to use it.

The good news is that there are quite a few to choose from.2

Here are 8 careers where you can use your voice.

1. Acting

If your voice is strong and you can sing as well, stage or theatre acting could be the career for you.

Stage actors should be able to modulate their voice and use it to convey emotions and feelings for the whole audience to appreciate.

The ability to sing is an added bonus and provides you more opportunities.

2. Advertising

A career in the production aspect of advertising is a definite possibility if you have a strong and compelling voice.

Voice over roles are very much in demand in the field and production companies are constantly looking for new tones to promote their varied products.

3. Politics

Politics is a profession that requires you to compel thousands of the people to believe in you.

You do this by making speeches, holding rallies and meeting your voters one to one.

If you are a strong elocutionist who is able to hold easy conversations with people, then this career choice could be the one for you.

4. Church

The church offers a variety of roles for people with strong voices.

If singing is your preferred choice, church choirs are an excellent avenue to further your talent.

If public speaking is more to your liking then consider becoming a preacher.2

You have the opportunity to use your voice to reach out to a wide variety of people.

5. Telemarketing

A career in telemarketing is ideally suited to someone who has a clear strong voice and has a strong command over the language.

It allows you to sit in the comfort of your home and use your voice to convert sales.

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