5 Stylin' Posts to BlogStalk...


1. Get Some Tips on How to Wear Calf-Length Boots

These tips over at You Look Fab are really helpful.

I am taking notes because all my boots are calf-length.

2. How to Get the Most out of Your LBD

A little black dress is a fashion staple and with these genius's help, you can make your LBD even more wonderful.

3. Ugly Betty Halloween Costume

This post is perfect for those who want to dress up as Mode's most rockin' employee.

Aren't the socks just darling?

4. or How about Dressing up like a Victoria's Angel?

Well, if you're super-confident, that is.

I cannot imagine wearing this to a party this Halloween though.

5. Eva Mendes Chic Airport Look

The best part of this look is the jeans.

It's always refreshing to see straight-legged trousers since skinnies are everywhere.

Top Image by: by Simon Pais-Thomas

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