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You're Not My Daddy

By K

Ok short funny story really quick because I drew the 8AM massage this morning.

I'm on the girls getaway in Breckenridge. There are 13 of us sharing an 8 bedroom house. The times I've been here before I've always lucked out with one of the master bedrooms.

So this trip I grabbed my favorite room. However, with 13 of us... the most ever, I had to share the room. Actually the room I'm sharing is with a girl I know well... so not a stranger... Did I mention we have to share a queen bed.

So in the middle of the night I woke up, forgot where I was. At night I don't wear my contacts... not that it would matter much because it was pretty dark. I sat up and leaned over. I was actually going to kiss and cuddle my friend thinking that she was someone else.

I realized in time who it was... where I was... and what was about to happen. I gasped and turns out my friend was awake and we had a good laugh over it.

Anyway... I'm going to get my massage now. I'm playing in a poker tournament this morning at 10 AM so I'll be like a Pro.

More later I'm sure.

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