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Hook Me up

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Let me HOOK YOU UP - with mark.Have you met Mark.?Mark is new-ish (a few year old) company from Avon. it is a beauty brand geared to young, hip women. And it is sold by young, hip representatives just like Avon.But they do have their very own cool website, where you can order products direct from the company.Marks core product line consists of Hook Ups. Hook Ups are customizable and perfectly portable makeup products that are ideal for any fashionistas purse or even pocket. They're sold individually and are connected together with a black Hook Up connector. The Hook Up line consists of Winksticks, Gleamsticks, a Sheenstick, Glow Baby Glow, Scanda-lash, i-sheer, and On the Edge.Winksticks are Eye Shadow Sticks featuring a shimmery, pearlized cream to powder eye shadow. It glides on effortlessly and smoothly. It's lightweight, and blends easily with your finger or a sponge-applicator if need be. Right now, Winksticks come in 8 colors.Gleamsticks are lip color sticks. They are lightweight and very creamy that leaves lips soft and supple. The rich, stay-true color can be worn alone or layered with a gloss. And they taste minty fresh! Refreshing. They are available in 8 shades as well. Sheenstick is a Hook Up Lip Balm. This balm helps protect and moisturize lips while leaving them with a dewy, slightly tinted shine. Perfect for an every day natural, or no-makeup look.I haven't tried the rest, but will look into adding them to my new Hook Up collection soon. At only $5 each, it will be easy to try and customize my favorite's like lip gloss or liquid eye color with various color combinations.What a great idea! [...]

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