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No New Tale to Tell

By K

That's a Love & Rockets flashback... I'll embed the video for jca... might be before his time.

Today has actually been sort of boring. Boring is good. Last Thursday I took my car to the John Elway Auto Nation service center for an oil change. I asked them to replace the wipers. While I was waiting in the... erm... waiting room, I noticed that it was no longer John Elway's. It was now the Magic Rabbit service station. I also noticed about 6 different signs advising "we are not responsible" for pretty much anything. It was overkill and I never take signs like that literally. Liability and Negligence are decided by courts, not posted signs. Though I might like to make a sign that says "I'm not responsible for anything"... maybe tattoo it on to my forehead...

Anyway, as I was leaving I noticed that my windshield was broken. It was pretty obvious that the people at Magic Rabbit let the blade arm fall on the windshield without the blade on and it broke the windshield. I was concerned that I was going to get the runaround, however the manager was very nice, apologetic, made the appointment for the replacement and obviously paid. So this morning I got the new windshield installed and watched the VIEW while I waited in a different waiting room. Those women are embarrassing and boring to watch.

Next stop voting... Sorry Ricardo ;) Betcha all didn't know I was a Republican. Or maybe some of you did. But this is not a political blog so I'll just register that I voted Republican today.

Then home to find I got flowers. White roses my favorite.

That's all. Things should stay uninteresting. I'm going to dinner tonight with friends and to the gym after. Anyone who tries to stir anything up with me today will be shown the door.

Here you go jca.

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