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Shopping on Robertson

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After a quickie brunch at Barefoot on Third (gotta love those mini muffins), I did the deed and hit Robertson yesterday. I don't know what was going on at Lisa Kline women's but it was crazy busy -- full of tweens -- and that just didn't sit with me so I headed on up to the fabulous Ted Baker store. I was kind of loving these little pinky-purply booties as well as the pink polka bag and these little vintage-feeling purple pumps (the butterfly-like stitching on the toe that you can't really see in this pic is very cute in person).But I resisted all shoes and accessories and went right for the super soft kimono-sleeve cardigans. Set me back about $160 but so worth it, I think. While my companion shopped up a storm in the menswear section, I lounged upstairs, declining the offer of a martini (hit it kinda hard the night before -- but seriously loving a high street retail experience that involves cocktails). Then it was onto Camper, which was a first for me. How'd I missed this brand? The footwear company is very Euro (think techy style with a heavy dose of comfort -- see these cute Mary Jane-style flats) and I fell for these boots.What do you think? Should I get them? They are seriously the most comfortable thing in the world with those rubber soles. Anyway, I totally resisted the urge to splurge at Tory Burch (love all those tunics) and I couldn't even go into Curve because there's no way my credit card can handle that much drama right now.But back to those boots. Yay or nay? Tags: shopping | fashion [...]

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