I Say Pajamas You Say Pajamas...


I Say Pajamas You Say Pajamas...
I Say Pajamas You Say Pajamas...

Dear Ladies, as the cold nights get even colder - there is one more thing (except for your beloved, of course :) to keep you warm: beautiful and comfy high quality pajamas and night gowns of different styles and fabrics.

In The Pajama Store you will definitely find all that you need: pajamas by themselves, lounge wear items, robs and slippers, bath and body products and many-many other great things a woman needs.

Personally I loved the Lingerie section, where I found so many beautiful things in different styles: classic, romantic, a-la-Lolita, "real woman" kind...you name it. They all are absolutely different, but they all are the kind of gowns that will make you just "irresistable", you can have my word on that.

If to be more specific, the one that I would get is Black Nightie by Betsey Johnson, it'll look great on of you who have great legs - cute and chic and sexy at the same time. Among pant sets, I would choose Pink Hawaiian Set by Underglam - great texture - that kind of "want-to-touch" fabrics in the combination of sweet pink and feminine silhouette will definitely make it one of your favourits.

Another category that you might find interesting is the Men section, where I found some cute boxers that will look great on your beloved ones. By the way, on this site you can find great gift ideas too - they have beautiful homie things (like slippers, soap, bath foam etc.) put into combinations or in separate pieces - as you choose - all ready to bring happiness to the ones we care for :)
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Saw your article, nice! Opening my own pajama shop soon ;) Gr Rik

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