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Almost Turkey Time

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"Grab a bite (don't pig out), celebrate (with moderation) send some good vibes (remember, karma is real), be greatful (I am!)" - Rosie :) Oven-Roasted Whole Turkey 8-10 lb $51.95You don't have to wait for a holiday to enjoy this popular all-American classic. And ours couldn't be easier or more convenient to prepare - it's already oven-roasted and ready for you to simply heat and serve. This Oven Roasted turkey tastes so savory and so delicious! The rich flavor and texture of this bird make it the perfect choice for any gathering, or as a special gift. Each Oven Roasted Whole Turkey is 8-10 lb.Sliced Boneless Turkey Breast 4-4.5 lbs $49.95Parties can be a paradox. You want everything to be perfect, yet there's so much to do. Relax. Start with this fully cooked turkey breast. It's pre-sliced into 5/16" thick slices that make a stunning presentation. Baste with the 6 oz. honey glaze that is included or enjoy the sensational natural hickory smoked flavor. Each is ready to serve and delicious hot or cold.Cajun Fried Turkey $79.95Hand-selected premium turkeys are injected with zesty Geaux Juice, then hand rubbed with a secret blend of Cajun seasonings. After marinating overnight, each turkey is deep fried in peanut oil, a process that seals in the juicy spices for an extremely moist and tender turkey. Each Cajun Fried Turkey is wrapped in oven-foil, vacuum sealed and flash frozen. All you do is thaw, heat and slice for an original gourmet treat. Each turkey is 10-12 lbs.Hickory-Smoked Whole Turkey 8-10 lb $51.95Each whole premium turkey is skillfully cured in a blend of savory spices, then carefully smoked by a means of a special process that leaves the entire bird exceptionally lean and moist. The resulting flavor is more succulent and delicious than ever! Simply thaw & serve, or gently heat. Each Hickory- Smoked Whole Turkey is 8-10 lb.Sponsored by [...]

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