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Here is our latest press. Thanks for reading our daily babbling, the press would not care about us if it weren't for you, our readers. BLOG'S PURSES ARE FILLING UP by Donna Goodison, Boston Herald, Nov. 8, 2007 They're stay-at-home moms obsessed with designer handbags who, as a diversion, started blogging about the latest “arm candy” from the likes of Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Hermes. Kelly Cook of Cambridge and Tina Craig of Dallas are the Bag Snobs. The 30-somethings, who met at the University of Southern California, started just over a year ago. “When this idea came about, it was the perfect thing for us,” Cook said. “We've always been entrepreneurial and wanted to do something that fits our lifestyles of being moms.” Bag Snob's mission is to help women overwhelmed with choices make informed decisions when forking over as much as $2,000 for a designer handbag. “People really want to hear a true opinion, and we get that feedback a lot from our readers,” Cook said. “They appreciate our black-and-white views on fashion. Fashion magazines are very political.” Cook's fashion industry experience includes a stint with designer Mark Eisen, while Craig was a former MTV Asia veejay. But their real fashion sense comes from years of buying expensive handbags, starting as college students buying Prada bags with their parents' credit cards. “Tina and I would buy bags for each other, and we would tell our parents it was a gift,” Cook said. “They weren't totally OK with it, but we thought we wouldn't get into as much trouble.” The bags they critique now are ones they've purchased or seen in stores. And they're not timid about writing scathing reviews. “Jimmy Choo advertised with us,” Cook said. “We still ripped on him.” [...]

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