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OK, so we all know that it's a common practice for companies to produce "hot items" in very limited quantities just to cause a frenzy, right?There's no doubt that demand and interest increase when suddenly an item isn't available anymore - and not only that, it makes for amazing press coverage. Just look at Black Satin, the Chocolate Eye Palette, the Behnaz lipstick, even the Furbies and Tickle Me Elmos of yore.It's easy; you missed Black Satin this time around, but you'll be lined up bright and early next time around when Chanel debuts the "next big thing," because you've learned your lesson - don't wait. Hopefully all of us here are savvy beauty consumers and realize we're being played by the marketers. Personally, I don't take issue with it - I think it's interesting, funny, and a cool study in supply and demand and customer loyalty.So it made me chuckle to discover this posting on "" regarding the Armani counter at Saks Fifth Avenue:"I don't know who is in charge of ordering cosmetics for this huge store for the Armani Counter, but they stink. I can't understand why a store of this quality and its location-would get 85 pieces of something they know is going to fly out of the store. You can't order it online only by phone. You call one day they say the orders will be in by Saturday or Sunday of this week. You call back and they have already gotten it in early-and sold out-and not expecting anymore. You can't buy this line anywhere else. So you would think they would order a huge amount. all you ladies should place complaints with saks, giorgio armani cosmetics and this site if you think something should be done about this."Such outrage! OK lady, wipe the sour grapes expression off your face and know the facts: (1) I'm not sure what the item in question was, but it's likely that the issue stemmed from limited production, not ordering, and (2) this is exactly what they wanted to happen.How do you feel about "exclusives," limited-quantity items, and waitlists? [...]

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