I`ve Been Working Insane Hours

I`ve been working insane hours lately, so in lieu of a real post, here are a few things that have been on my mind lately:
• When I`m really busy at work, I stop reading good books in my free time. I do this because my brain is tired. Then I feel guilty and inadequate for failing to make affirmative efforts to be an interesting person who is interested in intellectually stimulating things.• I wonder about the mythical age when the practice of law was truly a profession, and lawyers were respected for their mental agility and expertise rather than their ability to accrue billable hours, and bring money into the firm. Did this era ever exist? I wish it was still like that.• I`m frustrated that the ground-breaking women who managed to get to the top of their fields had to be so competitive in order to get there, that they completely quashed any ability to adequately mentor younger women for fear that the new crop will be competition who will oust them from their roosts up there.• When I`m busy and my boyfriend is busy, we don`t have the presence of mind to be able to have much in the way of romance. I know that once exams and moving and all the unusual stresses are past, we`ll be able to focus on it again, but for now, I miss it.• I miss my best friend.• I`d really like to spend a night in a 1940`s night club dressed like Lauren Bacall dancing to Artie Shaw music. • Drinking is still pretty fun, even though I`m nearly 32. Hangovers, however, have only gained virulence with each passing year.• I`m moving to my new house in 2 months, but I`m already uncomfortable in my apartment. I`ve mentally begun to move, and it`s frustrating that the physical part of that is incongruent.• I hope my father doesn`t act like a complete ass when he meets my boyfriend next month.• I haven`t been exercising lately, and I don`t feel good about that. I plan to join a gym once I move and get settled.• I think having a flat screen tv would be pretty cool.• Rachel Ray is a genius. • I wish the stuff on my mind wasn`t so banal.

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