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From a to Zoe

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Despite being an easy target for websites like Gawker, Rachel Zoe, bless her, is quite talented. Sure, Miss Zoe has her flaws, but no one is perfect (except for Rachel Bilson; she's the only exception to the rule). This scrawny stylist literally put L.A. on the fashion capital map. Before Rachel Zoe, L.A. was known for blonde Juicy Couture-wearing starlets; now they glam it up more than their East coast counterparts. She took Lindsay Lohan under her wing, ridded her of her trashiness [as far as designer style goes, anyway], and gave her a love for fashion. In the past few years, Rachel Zoe's resume gotten increasingly impressive. She has edited magazines, consulted for several luxury labels, and designed a bag collection for Judith Leiber. Apparently Miss Zoe had too much time on her hands, because the stylist has hit the laptop, churning out "Style From A to Zoe: The Guide to All Things Glamour." This style guide, due out next year, will teach each and every one of us to be glamorous a la Mischa, Nicole, and all of the rest of Zoe's "girls." Exited? All joking aside, I certainly am. I can't wait to see her writing skills, read her glam advice, and follow all of her book parties on That's the kind of thing that I live for. Did I really just reveal that? -tf [...]

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