Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Self-Empty Station Vacuuming Mopping and More


Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Self-Empty Station Vacuuming  Mopping and More
Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Self-Empty Station Vacuuming  Mopping and More

If you want to purchase a high quality yet affordable robot vacuum cleaner for your home, then we would definitely recommend that you take a look at the Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaners. They have the ability to provide homeowners with large and small hardwood and carpeted flooring with a professional quality deep clean. This robot vacuum cleaner is incredibly efficient, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with hard and carpeted floors.

Yeedi is a great machine with 3000Pa industry-leading suction power and 4-stage cleaning system. The device has a slim body, which makes it easy for the robot to move under sofas, beds and other pieces of furniture in your home.

But let's take a closer look at all things that Make Yeedi a superior robot vacuum on the market today:

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Suction Power that's Off the Charts

Yeedi robot vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction on the market. It's 3000Pa suction gives it an edge over all of its competitors. If you've been an owner of robot vacuums before, you will be able to appreciate the difference in the performance of Yeedi - there is zero dust or particles left behind, whether it's a carpet or hard floors, which certainly surpasses the performance of old-fashioned electric vacuums and all other robot vacuums currently available.

The device is designed with a low-profile body that helps it efficiently maneuver under objects, making it an ideal choice for homes with a lot of furniture.

Another amazing benefit of this machine is that its suction power makes it the go-to choice for pet owners.


Very Low Noise Levels of Yeedi Robot Vacuums

This can not be said enough, Yeedi, by far, is the most silent robot vacuum cleaner I have owned. It has an amazing sound-absorbing filtration system which gives it the ability to emit only low noise. This is perfect for those who live in apartments or people who have young children or sensitive pets. Also, this quality can not be underestimated as it allows you to comfortably stay in your home and even the room where your Yeedi robot vacuum is cleaning. With remote work and learning becoming the new normal, the very low noise levels of this robot vacuum make it possible to comfortably do your daily work alongside your robot's cleaning.


Vacuuming and Mopping Options Used Together

My personal favorite feature is the combination of vacuuming and mopping options that Yeedi Max Robot Vacuum and Mop provide. You no longer have to buy two separate robots, you do not even have to choose sweeping or mopping - thanks to advanced carpet detection centers Yeedi does it for you. It mops hard floors and it applies stronger suction power to vacuum carpeted areas at the same cleaning session. It gets the job done by differentiating the surfaces for optimum cleaning results. At one go you get a perfectly cleaned floor no matter if there is a hard floor, carpets or both. And the best part - if you get the classic Yeedi Vacuum Robot - you can always upgrade for the mopping function.


Advanced Yeedi Robot Vacuum App

A well designed and intuitive app is a definite must for any robot vacuum cleaner to-be. It definitely helps to keep track of the robot's cleaning route and also gives you the ability to handle different functionalities. Yeedi's app has all this and much more: It allows you to control the timings for scheduled cleaning, gives you detailed information about cleaning sessions and enables you to edit each room individually. My personal favorite is the option to run your Yeedi vacuum robot from outside the house. This was my personal issue with the previous robot - sometimes, we would just forget to start it and end up missing the time window that was perfect for cleaning. Another favorite is the ability to block certain areas in your home that your robot will go around. No longer do you need to remember to close all doors to the areas where you do not want your robot to be cleaning. Technology does it for you! And how fun it is to watch your vacuum robot clean via the app while you are doing enjoyable things away from home!


Self-Empty Station for Yeedi Robot Vacuum

Yeedi Self-Empty Station is a great addition to your robot vacuum. There is no need to hand-clean your robot after every use any longer. I remember what a messy affair that had been! I believe the constant chore of cleaning the old robot after it cleaned the apartment is what put an end to its daily use. Now, you can let your Yeedi robot vacuum do the job entirely on its own - completely hands-free for you. The self-empty station not only charges your robot but sucks out all the debris from the cleaning leaving you with a perfectly clean robot vacuum all ready to go on a new cleaning mission. The best part - you do not need to empty the bag for 30 days! It's an entire month of perfectly clean floors with zero work on your part. Again, if you are already enjoying the classic Yeedi Robot Vacuum, you can upgrade it with the Self-Empty station any time.


Self-Charging and Resuming Function

Yeedi Robot Vacuum has an extremely powerful battery that allows for over 200 minutes of cleaning per single charge. Since this robot moves in an efficient manner, even the largest areas will be cleaned within this time frame. And the best part is - if your robot runs out of power, it will return to the charging station, re-charge, and resume it's cleaning where it left off. We could not stress enough how advanced Yeedi's technology is! When it comes to the batteries, it gives you much more autonomy over other robot vacuums currently available on the market.


Targeted Area Cleaning

Yeedi's visual mapping, just like the GPS for your car, not only gives it the ability to map out cleaning areas, but also allows it to identify the position of the room, what area to clean, with a real time tracking of its progress as well as the history of cleaning. The most convenient function being targeted area cleaning. All the spills and little accidents around your home can be easily cleaned up by just choosing the room and the specific area in it that needs cleaning on your app. This contactless function is priceless for parents of young children or pet owners!


Yeedi Robot Vacuum is Pet-Friendly

It's no secret that pet-friendly vacuum cleaners are a must for pet owners. This is exactly why Yeedi Robot Vacuum has been designed with special features that make it safe for your pets. It moves efficiently, yet, it does not make fast or abrupt movements which could be dangerous for smaller animals. We already mentioned how silently it works, making it the perfect robotic vacuum for all pet owners - with pets that are large or small, sensitive to sound or not.

Yeedi Products:

Readily available on Amazon with Prime Shipping option, choose the products that suit your needs best:

All in all, Yeedi Robot Vacuums make for the most superior products on the market, surpassing competition by a number of functions, from suction power, to reduced noise levels, combination of cleaning modes, supporting apps and new home mapping technologies, not to mention self-emptying stations. If you want an easier life for yourself and your family, Yeedi products are the ones you need!

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