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The Just Flourish Brand Set To Launch The Thee Campaign ...

By Eliza

Innovative e-commerce brand Just Flourish announces plans to launch the Thee Campaign as part of the goal of promoting art among people of all walks of life.

New emerging digital artist, Lady Aurora Summers, has taken her pursuit of promoting the use of art pieces in different forms to another level, with the planned launch of the Thee Campaign. Lady Aurora Summers established Just Flourish as an e-commerce brand in 2020 to showcase timeless art pieces on different types of items, ranging from apparel and accessories tohousehold appliances and home decor.

1 About Just Flourish

Just Flourish is a luxury e-commerce brand established in 2020 by Lady Aurora Summers, a talented digital artist, to showcase her exceptional art pieces through apparel, accessories, furniture, decor accents and more.

2 Art And Lifestyle Becoming One

Art is often described as a form of self-expression and often comes in different forms, such as paintings, statues, music, dance, drama. The line between fashion and art is becoming blurrier by the day, with designers working with artists to create new pieces that speakto consumers on a new level.

However, more needs to be done in this regard as many of the available items are often generic, which is where Lady Aurora Summers aims to make a difference through Just Flourish Art Gallery and the upcoming Thee Campaign.


3 THEE Campaign

The project aligns with the Thee Philosophy - "Your Body Is A Canvas - Be Adorned," enabling people to stand out in carefully created items, including apparel, accessories, purses, shoes, household items and more, designed using extraordinary timeless art pieces by Lady Aurora Summers.

4 Just Flourish Meets Sustainability

In a related development, Just Flourish also has several other projects that will materialize in the coming months, including "The Beautiful Purse," where a tree is planted for each Just Flourish Purse purchase.

5 Enabling and Inspiring People with Disorders

Lady Aurora Summers was diagnosed with a Neurological Disorder - Narcolepsy with Cataplexy 1. And Just Flourish was born from a dream of finding a healthy working environment that allows creativity to flow.

Just Flourish will undoubtedly chart a new course for creative minds suffering from similar neurological disorders. It will give new talents the inspiration to try their hand at something more fulfilling.

6 Connect with Just Flourish

For further information about Thee Campaign and other aspects of the Just Flourish project, visit

The movement to get as many people as possible "adorned" is also gaining momentum across social media, including Instagram and Twitter.



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