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Ya Move across Country amp Ya Miss Somethin' Big Kiss Me Stace Featured in Harper's Bazaar

By Designer

Well, back in October, when I was mid-move down the other end of the country, Kiss Me Stace was quoted, in the first paragraph of a Harper’s Bazaar fashion blog review article.

Before my reaction(s), here’s their quote:

Everyone’s a Fashion Critic
When it comes to style these days, everybody’s a know-it-all. But do their opinions really matter?
By Robin Ghivan

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If you Google “fashion blog,” you will get approximately 1.6 million hits. Click around for a couple minutes on and you will uncover a plaintive shout-out to all red-carpet obsessives for help identifying a certain pair of shoes worn by Paris Hilton: “They’re blush-tone, sturdy-heel pumps with a bow cutout on the vamp. Readers, do you recognize this shoe?”

My reactions, in no real order, since it was such a rush…

• Shock, wonder, confusion, desire, wonderment… etc.
• They didn’t make my name seem like two different ones like the NYT did! I wasn’t split between two pages like the old NYT article! This time, the feature LINKED to me (AND named me as a domain)!!!

• I’m the FIRST one mentioned! FIRST paragraph!

• Is this negative???

• Wow, they picked the one blog entry that is 100% unique from ALL others on this domain. Ha ha - hmm.

• I get how this publicity thing makes people not 100% happy now. I mean I understand perfectly now (and after watching tonight’s episode of House) how the media spins things incorrectly.

• Excitement!

Now my reaction to the article itself and the opinions of the writer, Robin Ghivan.

Do our opinions matter? YES! Why wouldn’t they? Does one need training - or a boss to give a reference listed in a resume - in order to matter in our area of interest? Old media (isn’t that what you are, Harper’s?) is kind of old. Amateurs can be RIGHT and know things, and ya know, sometimes being right isn’t even the correct or good thing, anyway.

Well, this news is old news already, so I’ll end here.

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