Annie Lennox's 'sing' Video | World AIDS Day

good evening! i meant to post this yesterday on world AIDS day (december 1st) but i didn't get a chance to - i figure a day late is better than never especially when it comes to such a serious topic that still needs all the attention it can get! i've got annie lennox below with the video for her charity record sing - ms. lennox teamed up with twenty-three other amazing female performers - all contributing a bit of vocals including madonna, celine dion, pink, shakira, kt tunstall, dido, faith hill, fergie, sugababes, beth orton, bonnie raitt, martha wainwright, joss stone, melissa etheridge, angelique kidjo, beverley knight, k.d lang, shingai shoniwa, gladys knight, isobel campbell & sarah mclachlan which was recorded to help support south african HIV/AIDS organization treatment action campaign - not only is the song for a worthy cause - it's actually a really great track - that i did have the privilege of seeing ms. lennox play live when she stopped by los angeles a few months ago - oh my gosh - she is a supremely talented and compassionate woman - of course if you haven't picked up her latest album songs of mass destruction it comes highly recommended plus there's special remixes of sing now available over on itunes! many thanks to popbytes' pals mr. carmen & ms. samantha for tossing me the heads up on this one! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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