Words of Wisdom from Natalie Wood ...


Words of Wisdom from Natalie Wood ...
Words of Wisdom from Natalie Wood ...

“The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby.”
**Natalie Wood****, Actress**

Paraphrasing it — Don’t bank on changing your man, sweetheart. Heehee.

Come to think of it, it goes both ways, really. Men can’t change their women, too. If you go into a relationship or marriage (god forbid!) thinking that your partner will change into that person that will fit your ideal, er, you’ll suffer with the disappointment of not getting what you think you’ll be getting.

The subject of change, no matter how constant it happens all the time, is a different matter when it’s the personality or character we’re talking about. Sure, you can influence them to drop a bad habit or two but to alter a principle or outlook on relationships and/or life is something that’s rather difficult to do.

IMHO, pick your fights (so to speak). I reckon it’s wiser to go into a relationship with someone you know you can tolerate. Besides, as much as I know that people should strive to be better until the last intake of breath, I’m not a believer of changing the individual. Why? If I like the guy the first moment I met him, it means he had qualities — that has nothing to do with me “changing” him — which attracted me to him. Makes sense?

Well, that’s my two cents. What about you?

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