Wine amp Food Festival at Home ...


Not a pro in the world of wines? Don't feel lonely... we are 2 now :) You don’t have to be an expert to host the most unforgettable tasting party. Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be enjoyable. You can find many of them under $10 a bottle. Ah, what's my favorite? Shiraz (Australian) perfect complement to pizza and steak, yum!

Focus on a particular theme and match it up with the dinner you will be serving and voila! Time to let them talk...

Wine bottle cork candles - set of 4
Capture the romance of a hidden Italian trattoria with these wine bottle cork candles. Shaped like corks, they transform your empty wine bottles into elegant candle holders. Complete the scene with a red and white checkered table cloth and a huge plate of spaghetti pomodoro. That's amore! $12.00

Olea europea cocktail napkins-pack of 20 - Our cocktail and luncheon napkins add the perfect compliment to your next party or get together. $6.50

Be good to your wine with this sleek neoprene wine tote. Outfitted with a handle for easy transport, it will keep your wine insulated and protected. Pull down the sides to pour directly from the bag. We declare it picnic perfection! Accommodates 1 bottle. 15" long by 3" wide. Protects and insulates. $15.00

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