Who's Hungry for Pop Nosh Linkage?

our darling tara reid finished her tour down under and made a bee line straight to sundance...

i agree with james st. james - this candy darling poem called 'stardusk' needs to be set to music!

brad pitt admits one of his first jobs in los angeles was driving escorts and strippers around!

keira knightley is sick of being called skinny & anorexic and is getting her sue on over it all

cutie nick lachey got his mcdonalds on and didn't pull a stunt like ex sister-in-law ashlee did...

dina lohan continues her press tour of stupidity - she even dragged nick & jessica into the drama!

jessica and ashlee simpson dined at mr. chow's last night - jessica looks so worn out and tired...

ah the razzie award nominations are in! sharon stone's second 'basic instinct' is up for a lot!

mena suvari who'll probably never shed her 'american beauty' role went beach topless...(NSFW)

lindsay lohan managed to keep herself in rehab for a few days but she does get to leave for work

keith urban is finally piping up about his time in rehab - maybe he can offer lohan some tips?

salma hayek is forgiven for that horrible white potato sack dress - she'll be up early for oscar!

sienna miller gets her mylon magazine spread on - has anyone seen 'factory girl' yet? i need to see

naomi campbell isn't letting any of her violent drama bring her down - she got sauced at dreamgirls

fergie is one lucky bitch! check out her hunky boyfriend josh duhamel in a pair of speedos - hot!

vince vaughn is finding it easy to move on - with not just one or two girls but three in one night!

sinéad o'connor fire on babylon**sinéad o'connor** i want yr (hands on me)

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