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Friday's Fresh amp Tasty Pop Noshables

By popbytes

go pamela anderson! she's been spotted hanging around w/ sexy george clooney = one hot couple!

lindsay lohan causes problems wherever she stays - other rehabers at wonderland are pissed off!

victoria beckham decided to go neutral for a change - i love how you can tell she's smiling inside

while posh goes neutral david beckham suited up as a prince (my prince) for some disney thing!

katie holmes thought that tom cruise might help her career but with all the press she may not work!

what would friday be without some bikin shots from jesus martinez - today we've got rachel hunter

sharon stone goes parading around with a see through black top - when does BI3 start filming?!?

madonna is looking hot & stylish in some new ads for H&M! yup she's back with the retail chain...

jared leto - i think he should be the number one candidate for rehab - he's such a messy asshole

britney spears was spotted with her two boys getting off a plane - jayden james was all covered up

tyra banks is angry and she's not going to take it anymore - unless you've got some fried chicken

have a peek inside the gorgeoous new orleans mansion where brad & angelina's family will reside!

let's get the record straight once and for all - gwen stefani doesn't wear fur - end of story...

oh i love drew barrymore and looking back on her wild child days - she doesn't regret a thing!

was anna nicole's son murdered?!? did key evidence get flushed?!? enquiring minds want to know!

pajiba hits sundance and the dakota fanning rape movie - plain curiosity makes me wanna see it...

kelly osbourne one word**what the buck?** the good idea edition

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