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Swagtime's on the Curvelle Course - Day 2


I went home to Connecticut for Thanksgiving and miraculously didn't gain any weight over the holiday despite my mother's constant cooking and the fact she stocks the cupboards with enough food to feed a small nation, like Canada. I live like a guy here in LA with butter, a bottle of wine and chocolate from some gift lounges in my fridge and Lean Cuisines in my freezer. That's about it. But when my family visited me in LA last week I managed to pack on more weight in 5 days than I have in 2 years.

I seriously need to curb my cravings and since I don't eat fish or other LA foo foo things like Tofu - gimme a McD's quarter pounder anyday - so I decided to try Curvelle, a natural weight-loss supplement I discovered during the Golden Globes at the Showtime Gift House. I'm going to give you an honest report on my experience with it for the month I'm on it.

Curvelle comes from iSatori Brands. The appeal is that it is all natural and designed for women, which luckily is a category I fall into. Phew! There is no ephedra in it, which I am concerned with or other unhealthy stimulants. The ingredients consist of only Cinnamon Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Elderberry Extract, Green Tea Extract and natural caffeine.

I met the co-founder of iSatori brands who showed me her before and after pics, and shared her story of weight loss after she gave birth, and it was pretty amazing. I shared my experience with trying other weight loss products with her and my sensitivity to caffeine, and she suggested I start slowly with one pill 2x a day rather than the 2 pills 2-3 times a day. She is kind enough to also be available should I have questions or concerns along the way.

SO...yesterday after taking 2 pills at first, a recommended half hour before a meal, I did feel a little anxious. I then took the co-founder's advice and in combination with a healthy eating plan (bye bye McD's this month, and Wendy's, and In and Out, and KFC...), I took one pill in the afternoon. I felt fine with that one. This morning, Day 2, I took one pill with a full glass of water (no bad aftertaste which rocks) and a chocolate banana shake soon thereafter. So far so good.

I'm going to share my final weight loss and/or simply how I feel after 30 days on the supplement. For more information on the ingredients, other FAQ and more, visit Curvelle's site.

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