Virtual Boyfriend

So Valentines Day is approaching fast – the day dreaded by single girls everywhere! Watching all those smug couples planning their romantic evenings out makes those without someone feel more like Bridget Jones than ever.

So for those of you planning a night in alone why not have your own fun with a virtual boyfriend? At least there’s none of the hassle of a real relationship, and you have a choice of eight men! The V-boy game is the latest Tamagotchi style craze and allows you to practice your relationship skills – the happier the virtual boyfriend is the more points you collect and the longer the relationship lasts.

It’s pretty easy to upset these virtual boyfriends though as each has their own personality. Different things will annoy different men and things about them will probably annoy you – sounds a lot like real life to me! The game does contain language of an adult nature so if you’re buying it as a gift be careful who you give it to! For £19.99 this will at least entertain you and may even remind you that the grass isn’t always greener …!

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