Swagtime's Sundance Swag Stance

Last year Swagtime hit the Sundance Film Festival to report on all the fun swag suites in Park City where the stars of these independent films could come and enjoy some warmth from the cold and explore some schnazzy swag. It was a wonderful time and I can't thank the team at The Luxury Lounge more for their hospitality last January. Yet the problem for Swagtime is that its founders, me being one of them, come from a TV and film background and although the Festival is a wonderful platform to feature all these great brands, the Festival should be about the films, not the swag.

Now mind you there was some cool stuff up there that celebs like Sienna Miller, Diddy and others picked up this year that we know you'd definitely find of interest, and we'll probably mention a hint here and there on the sites, but because our roots are in the creation of content Swagtime decided not to fully report on the gift lounges at this year's fest. We love our partners and friends who had a presence on the snowy slopes of Park City, but we respect the "Focus on Film" philosophy of this year's event and hopefully that answers some of our audiences emails.

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