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Whole Foods Grocery and Spa

By Christina

Honey, I’m running out to the grocery for a bit…

That’s what I am going to say next time I am in Dallas, but will be heading to the Whole Foods grocery on Preston, which has opened up combined with ReFresh Spa (reach them at 214-363-9760). Wow! So, I drop off my grocery list downstairs, let them deal with that, and head upstairs for an afternoon of beauty. Whoop!

The 4,500-square-foot spa dominates the store’s turret-style mezzanine and features seven private treatment rooms kitted out with bamboo cabinetry, organic linens and an appropriately soothing cream-to-taupe palette. The manicure-pedicure area boasts hygienic pipeless footbaths and toluene- and formaldehyde-free Zoya polishes. Treatment products range from Dr. Hauschka (below) to fresh cranberries and kosher salt. [Via]

Great thing I like to note is the “hygenic pipeless footbaths” - you probably know by now that is most important to me (and should be to you as well). Grocery shopping anyone?

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