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Friday's Yummy Pop Nosh Linkables

By popbytes

yikes! american idol's diana degarmo has turned into a soccer mom! what the hell happened to her?

vince vaughn admitted that he's lonely as hell without girlfriend jen aniston (who can do better)

don vito the uncle of bam magera is in trouble for groping - his pic shows what kinda guy he is...

check out some new pictures of mr. matt damon over in berlin shooting the next 'bourne' sequel!

oh my word! more fashion disasters! usually charlize theron looks stunning but not in these pics!

but not everyone is a disaster - check out a stunning rachel weisz in the new german vogue - hot!

sexy johnny knoxville is the next celebrity set to that he finally can be with me!

pizza hut found the right person to promote their new cheesy bits pizza - cheesy is the key word

paris hilton wins an award! this one is from joe 'girls gone wild' francis - for best blowjob skills!

tim gunn our project runway daddy got a new job & thankfully he'll be in the new season of runway!

dina lohan's big mouth is still flapping about lindsay's rehab stint! someone shoot dina - please!

jessica biel supposedly has timberlake as her ring tone - her she is with her mean looking dog...

dlisted loves big fat pussies! this one is a whopper - ok now take your minds out of the gutter!

oh jennifer lopez - read up on some of her high maintenance demands just in case she drops by...

fergie shouldn't be parading around in those horrible red pants - they seem really itchy too!

christina aguilera's next single will be 'candyman' - it's such a weak track - i think it's so lame!

amy winehouse rehab & interview**what the buck?** on miss usa...

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