All Women's Talk Hires Jay Manuel

By ingrid

Looking for an Internet date? Well, Jay Manuel has been hired by to help you find your perfect match, via the perfect profile.

“A great photo doesn’t just show what you look like it, it reveals who you are inside and out,” says Manuel on the site.

“First of all, he says to bring over a friend who has a good camera, who can take good photos, use natural daylight, use a flash and natural daylight when taking photos,” explained Ian Kerner of “It’s just going to give you the best photos, the best look. Avoid crazy backgrounds, patterned backgrounds, try and use a solid background.”

“You really need to dress in a way that’s comfortable, dress in a way that’s true to you. If you’re not sure, Jay says to wear black,” continued Kerner. “Jay says one of the biggest mistakes we make is to take a photo that’s sort of looking up and that gives you a triple chin as opposed to your natural single chin so I think you want to play with straight-on angles, as well as mixing up the angles.”

“I think another mistake people make sometimes is to overdo it,” concluded Kerner. “I think this is especially true with women who are dressing in a way that’s not true to them, or wear too much makeup and I actually hear from guys the more natural more often the better.”

Well, there you go ladies. Now you’re ready to find the person of your dreams.


Our Jay Manuel appears to be very in demand these days. Good on him.

Via News 10 Now

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