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I Think I've Found the O.N.E.


I love award season because I get to discover, and in turn tell you about, really great new products. And since I'm on a January 2007 health bender at the moment it's swagarrific when I come upon a nutritious and appetizing (yes the two can be accomplished at the same time, although rare) edibles and potables, aka food and drink, and this one is a slam dunk.

O.N.E. is 100% coconut water, the first truly all natural energy drink, delivered to you in 100% recyclable Tetra Pak cartons, which are better than aluminum, glass and plastic bottles. Don't believe me that it's an energy drink? It has 15x the potassium as most sports and energy drinks. It replaces lost electrolytes, helps with digestion, promotes healthier skin, effective in oral hydration and keeps your body cool, AND what may be the best benefit of all, it's a rockin' hangover cure! Well for me that may be the best benefit, but if you're, um, having trouble with um, you know, um, need assistance with reproductive functions, um, guys, coconut water has also been shown to be a natural alternative to Viagra. It's also great for babies, children and nursing mothers for its hydrating powers.

You're probably thinking this is the juice inside those brown fuzzy coconuts you see at the grocery store. Nope. This is the water from inside a young green coconut making it that much more nutritious and refreshing. I was overwhelmed by how good it tastes and drink a carton after I work out. I'm not a Gatorade or sports drink fan, and now I can enjoy this all natural O.N.E. for as long as I work out, and then next month when I fall off the healthy wagon, I'm stocked up with my hangover cure. Mix an 11oz carton with a scoop of Guarana powder, mix in some blueberries or other high antioxidants and voila, the O.N.E. Ultimate Hangover Elixir is yours to enjoy.

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