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Candle Bay was started in June 2002 by two brothers who wanted to bring their high quality and unique brand of candles to the public. Candle Bay stocks some of the most unique candles you will find and offers them to the public at a great price, making sure quality is not compromised...Bottle">">Bottle of merlot anyone? These mini size replicas of a wine bottle looks right at home burning on the dining table and makes a snappy decorative accent for the living room kitchen and den. If there's a wine connoisseur on your gift list look no further! Our Six Wine Bottle Candles w/ Basket is perfect and includes the six wine bottle candles and the iron and wood basket as shown. $20.00Imagine">">Imagine your home as a paradise for your senses full of evocative fragrances and beautiful decorative botanicals. Create the tropical paradise of your dreams with our scented Candle Bowl w/ Rattan Handles. French pear scented and nile green in color this 3-wick candle bowl is perfect for indoor or outdoor. Sold individually. $16.00These">">These Sitting Buddha Candles are an inspiration for meditation start a zen meditation garden in your very own livingroom. Meticulously detailed these high quality Buddhas are more wax sculpture than candle. You'll find the Happy Buddha can't help but bring a smile to your face. You may not burn the candle for awhile since he's such a fun guy to have around. Available in two sizes large sitting buddha and small sitting buddha. All candles are baobab wood scented a deep timbery fragrance with notes of leather amber tall grasses and flora. From $11.00In">">In today's world you are what you burn and haute couture is the ultimate in fashion and candles. Our new Haute Couture candle line is a must have for any fashion maven. The Haute Couture Gel Martini Candles are so real you won't know wether to burn them or drink them perfect for weddings or cocktail parties. Comes nicely packaged in a decorative box with a black satin ribbon perfect for gift giving. All candles are deliciously scented with Chocolate Cherry Bon Bon. Available in red or green gel (green gel includes olive). $16.00 [...]

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