What to Wear under Tunics and Minis in the Summer

We had a comment from Evangelina yesterday asking what to wear minis and tunics with in summer and whether leggings were tacky or tasteful. Her fears are my fears as it will soon be too warm for opaques, so I asked the Shiny Towers women for a bit of advice. The general consensus is lace, rubber or garish leggings (see Topshop's, left £15) are a bit of a no-no, but otherwise look good with some ballet flats and a tunic. Some of the Shinies said go bare but wear BIG pants to avoid doing a Lohan/Spears/Hilton/whoever else; but beware of boy shorts, they tend to have a, er, narrow gusset. See after the jump for more summer clothing solutions.

Personally I don't think you can get away with leggings if you're over 25, but if like me you feel older than you are you won't even have given leggings a second thought! Similarly if you have a bad case of the cankles then leggings are probably a bad idea. Shorter leggings look more summery, so choose a slightly cropped pair like Miss Selfridge's. Sloggi's shortie pants are ample enough to preserve your dignity through the most legs in the air drunken tumble. Another idea is to wear a pair of simple city shorts under your dress or tunic, Dorothy Perkins' pair are suitably simple.

Black leggings, Miss Selfridge: £10 (2 for £15)Soft sensation hipster pants, Sloggi: £8. Black shorts, Dorothy Perkins: £18.

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