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What to Wear to Work This Summer

By Jonathon

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It's getting hot again -- finally! Time to get out and do some shopping for fun summer looks. However, if you work in an office (and you'd like to continue doing so), a recent survey of users points to a few things you should definitely avoid.

Above all else, don't wear tank tops! This should be obvious, but apparently there's a number of women who show up to work with their bra showing. I guess if you're working in advertising, gaming, or some other highly-creative industry, you might be able to get away with showing a little more skin, but I'd still think twice -- especially if you want to be taken seriously.

Secondly, ditch the flip-flops. Don't get me wrong -- I live in Austin, where flip-flop sandals are a staple for every man, woman and child -- but unless they're incredibly classy (as in, you paid way too much for them), they make you look like a college student, and aren't appropriate for work.

Oddly, Hawaiian prints also ranked high on the list, which you should never wear, ever, under any circumstances. So quickly donate all that stuff to your local Goodwill before you're tempted to go crazy on your next casual Friday.

But beyond the fashion foul-ups, what you wear affects your demeanor, which will, in turn, affect your performance at the office. Trust me -- about two months ago I started working out of my house, and ever since then I've been working in my pajamas. I now have such a slacker attitude, I'm sure no one will ever hire me to work in an office ever again.
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