Guys Here's How to Stay Cool and Look Good This Summer


Guys Here's How to Stay Cool and Look Good This Summer
Guys Here's How to Stay Cool and Look Good This Summer

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It's only April, and we've already had a couple 80-degree days down here in Texas. Plus, since I take care of my daughter in the afternoons, I can't hole myself inside air conditioned offices and apartments all day like I did last summer. Hence, therefore, and in conclusion, I figured it's about time I found myself some shorts.

Shorts? For real?

For real.

I've been avoiding shorts for years -- namely, because I thought they looked dumb on any guy over the age of 13 who wasn't playing a sport. But recently the laid-back look is calling to me, and it's coming from an unexpected place: "urban" fashion.

I don't have anything against urban fashion -- in fact, I'm not entirely sure what that means. All I know is that it's usually not to my taste, but High Snobriety, one of the best sites on the subject, recently brought two looks to my attention that are exactly how I think the casually fashionable man should be dressing during the blindingly-hot days of summer.

First, the new Madras collection from APC. It's simple, straightforward, but just sophisticated enough to make it an incredibly stylish choice. Notice the way they combine either patterned shorts with solid tops, or vice versa, to keep the outfits fun and summer-ish without being too loud.

And speaking of loud, that brings us to the Comme des Garcons x Fred Perry from Dover Street Market. This is the time of year when you can get away with something bright, colorful and comfortable, and this look is just how to do it right.

So don't fear the heat, dudes. You can now keep cool and look cool all summer long.
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