What Meryl Streep Should Wear

Rumor has it that Meryl Streep will not even attend the Oscars due to a scheduled surgery (knee or something, don’t worry). Not only do I think she should go, but I would implore her to fabu up her attire for this year’s Academy Awards.

Generally she might wear something like the suit in the first picture below, Giorgio Armani. Mature (read: old), relaxed, and boring.

To celebrate her fabulous and fun role and her great performance (although she, who basically had a supporting role, imo, doesn’t give as fierce competition as her character’s personality) she should vamp it up a bit. Go a little younger, with fashionista-flair details, such as shoulder adornments done right, a sharp color, metallic or bling and a great stylish skirt - elements found in the last two pictures, Valentino and another Armani, respectively.

Meryl, I hope you stay healthy and pain-free and enjoy Oscar season. You would (or will) lighten up the room Sunday night, because your portrayal and your film were so sharp and fun. It’s one of my favs of last year. You deserve some more fun that night, and to know you still look good - you played the editor of Vogue er Runway(!) for god’s sake!

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