Well, I Loved Jennifer Hudson's Jacket ...

I know Jennifer Hudson’s bolero was different, futuristic, shimmering, poiny and huge, but I think it was perfectly suitable to the diva’s night that was about to unfold.

She was claiming that red carpet and screaming to everyone that she. is. fabulous! Hudson doesn’t have unlimited options with a fuller figure, and this awards season she has stuck to the simple lines that hug her curves - looking fabulous but always safe. So it’s no wonder that she had Oscar de la Renta custom-make the ensemble who added something special. This was Oscars. night. people! Let us have some fun, let her have a lot of fun! We need glamour and Jennifer was the most daring and least boring starlet of the night! With her three costume changes all being so amazing, it’s almost as if winning came second (but only because that was an obvious cinch!)

My one complaint was with the pockets in the gown, because when Jen stood on the red carpet, she awkwardly tucked her hands into them. She looked nervous, which was understandable but didn’t go with the whole point or give her due credit. See a picture below.

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Photo source: Yahoo! Movies

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