The PBA Red Carpet and My Styling Project ...


The PBA Red Carpet and My Styling Project ...
The PBA Red Carpet and My Styling Project ...

In just a matter of hours, I’ll be mingling with a lot of bloggers and geeks. I’m actually anticipating that very minute I start seeing people enter the lobby aka **“The PBA Red Carpet”** or the foyer where the cocktails will be served. Yes. I’m fully awake — fine, I’m totally sleepy (!!!) — because I have to be at the venue by 10AM. Please don’t ask me why now, I’m actually rushing to pack everything I need to bring, so, I won’t forget. Heehee.

My dress. Check. My camera. Check. Toiletry bag. Check. Make up kit (er, do I need to? I have a hairdresser coming!). Check (it’s something I can’t leave behind, I guess). Battery charger for my camera. Check. Laptop (Rico’s Matus!!!). Check. Accessories. Check. So, did I forget anything? Hmmm… Dear me! My shoes! My shoes! I can’t leave my shoes!

I still need to rehearse lines, go through blocking and other stage direction, and all the last minute revisions needed to, hopefully, help the programme run smoothly. Sigh. I want to sleep! Sniff.

What else is up for later today? Unveiling the look of my **styling project**! Er, well — I’ll get to take photos of her all dressed and dolled up later. I’ll post them as soon as I can. Don’t worry, I promise NOT to forget!

I’m off to finish getting ready now.

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