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Some dames dig dogs, other kittens cuddle cats-Kristopher prefers glammy dead animals, like a vintage alligator bag.

Beauty Snob reports on the loss of honey bees due to cell phone radiation and the benefits of honey for our skin and health.

Fab Sugar makes some suggestions on what to wear when lunching with your boss.

eBelle5 discovers a handful of Marc Jacobs Designer Handbags that retail for under $65.

Second City Style is making beautiful music with the accordion...pleat this summer.

SheFinds - FINDS Chic Luggage for Chic Travelers.

Jewelry gets the bag as The Jewelry Weblog dicusses the idea of combining jewelry bling with hand bag function.

Girlawhirl - FitFlops are all the rage in London.

Don't you hate it when you spot another gal in your favorite outfit? Coquette introduces you to the unique handprinted fashions of Snoozer Loser.

Zzzzzz.....time to catch up on your beauty sleep, advises Fashiontribes. In honor of Better Sleep Month, learn the secrets of a good night's sleep from experts at the Better Sleep Council.

Papierblog ponders whether Australian designer Josh Goot made a mistake going with Target.

Find out what's tops for Pops with's list of Father's Day Gifts he's sure to love.

Styleaholics - Love the 80's? Love Cassettes? Then you're gonna love these wallets!

Stylehive has just launched Style Communities with great brands such as InStyle, Gap, Shopbop and Ron Herman! Check them out and join today!

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