Lucky Number 6


Lucky Number 6
Lucky Number 6

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Killing time between a flight and a bus ride this morning (oh, hi, I'm back in America. Miss me?), I wandered around Macy's looking for bargains so great I would not be able to resist. I couldn't find any of those - surprisingly, since Macy's seems always to have gorgeous dresses marked down to almost nothing - but did discover a new perfume.

According to its press information, Lucky Number 6 contains notes of lotus, tiger lily, cashmere, woods, and jasmine. Good to know, but more importantly, it smells like a damn dream - one of the rare scents which drives you to spend the whole day and night exhausting your sinuses as you attempt to hoover it up and tattoo it in your olfactory memory. (Okay, maybe not that rare: I had a similar experience with Kylie Minogue's Darling - amber, sandalwood, vanilla, lily, boronia, freesia, passionfruit, and lychee - in the duty-free shops at Heathrow two days ago. Lucky Number 6 is a total knockout, though, whereas Darling just gives you a shiner.)

I can scarcely believe this is a Liz Claiborne perfume, though I have to confess to flirting with the triangular '80s fragrance which also bears LC's brand. The bottle for Lucky Number 6 looks just as cheap, which may be the only thing that dissuades me from buying some for myself.

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