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Creating Hybrid Scrapbook Layouts

By Christine

Have you ever heard about hybrid scrapbook layouts? It is the process where you combine digital and traditional (ie paper-based) tehniques in creating a layout.

Above is a sample from C.D. Muckosky, Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the year.

Below is C.D.’s Creative Process which is also featured in Creating Keepsakes June 2007 issue.

Step 1: After a very exciting trip to a new scrapbook store, I’ve pulled out some products I may want to use. They go together nicely and I can see in my mind how I would use them on my page.

Step 2: I go on to the computer and look through my albums to choose the photos that tell a story. (Yes, that really is the state of my desk right now!) I don’t scrap in order; I just do what inspires me. Today I am looking for a story that has some light blue in the photos to go with the products I chose.

Step 3: Change of plans. These pictures of my little Kaiella are making me happy and they are more pink and brown, so I’ll have to pick some different stuff to use with them. That’s OK; I am always changing my mind as I go through the process of making a page. I do what feels good, and that is not something I can plan. It just comes from my heart.

View the rest of C.D.’s process HERE.

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